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Andrew Beale OBE

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II has awarded Andrew with an OBE for his "services to intellectual property and business".

Previously a Consultant to the United Nation's World Intellectual Property Organization (Geneva), Andrew is an Associate Professor in Intellectual Property Law and the Director of IP Wales, an award winning £4m initiative aimed at providing SMEs with the knowledge and financial means to commercialise their intellectual assets.

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Intellectual Property (IP) is the area of law used by businesses to differentiate their products and services in the commercial marketplace via distinctive branding or endorsement; new inventions or creations; novel appearance or design. IP can be a critical asset for your business but one which is at risk of attack from cybercriminals if your business trades online, has a website or even just email.


IP crime is traditionally viewed as counterfeiting (false branding) and piracy (illegal copying) but cybercriminals are increasingly coming to recognise the value of confidential data held by your business, be it sensitive information about your business or customer information (such as credit card details). 

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